Handmade Product Considerations

Many of our products are handmade by artisans who spin, dye and weave yarns, add embroidered touches, print, and finish by hand. Although we strive for consistency in our products, the complex and nuanced nature of this process may reveal minor variations in colour, pattern, texture, and size. These are to be expected and are common marks of craftsmanship; we feel they create beautiful and unique products. The following are industry accepted manufacturing variations.


& Colour

As a handmade piece, the size can vary +/- 3% from the size specified.

It is normal for floor rugs to show minor colour variation from samples, web and catalogue images, or minor variations between production runs and dye batches. Many of our woollen rugs are made from natural, undyed yarns which are blended to create the desired colour.

Colour appearance can vary depending on the type of light under which a sample is viewed and the light sources where the floor rug is located. Viewing of samples in the home and under as many different light sources as possible prior to decision making is recommended. Every effort is made to ensure there is minimal colour variation and to ensure this is within recognised textile industry standards, however some variation can be expected.

Design &


Minor variations may be evident, which may include weave thickness, pattern, or differences in the yarn weight. Many of our floor rugs are handmade on vertical looms with two craftspeople working together on a piece. While the utmost care is taken, this can result in tension variation across the weaving. We recommend using anti-slip rug underlay to support the structure and prolong the life of your floor rug.



Many of our floor rugs are made from natural yarns which are dyed, blended, and then tufted into our designs. Occasionally, an overdying process is added to create a desired effect. Due to the natural fibre content, the uptake in dye can vary between batches and colours may look subtly different between floor rugs.

Enzyme Washed


Our linen yarns are carefully hand-dyed, according to specific colours as stipulated by our Design Team. Once the yarn is woven and sewn, finished items go through a process of enzyme washing. This is an ecologically friendly laundering process that uses enzymes to soften and finish fabric; producing fabric with a slightly worn-in look and feel. Due to the nature of these techniques, there may be slight colour variations between batches of linen fabric. We hope you enjoy the unique beauty that this handmade and nuanced process creates.