Rug Underlay

Our premium quality floor rug underlay is suitable for use on carpets, ceramic tile, concrete, wood, laminate, and vinyl floors.

Extend the life

of your floor rug

Enhance the safety and durability of your floor rug with our premium rug underlay. Designed to prevent slipping and creeping, our underlay offers added protection while significantly extending the lifespan of your rug.

Suitable for a range of surfaces including carpets, ceramic tile, concrete, wood, laminate, and vinyl floors, our rug underlay is available in convenient pre-cut sizes or off-the-roll options.

We recommend using underlay
with most handwoven rugs, specifically lighter weight and less stable rugs, and where the rug has no fabric backing or is heavily dyed.

Rug Underlay


Prevents floor rugs slipping, creeping or bunching on most floor surfaces.

Prolongs floor rug life by helping support the structure of the rug.

Provides extra cushioning.

Avoids colour transfer from heavily dyed rugs onto flooring.

Does not stain or leave adhesive residue.

Suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Stops abrasion on timber or delicate floors.

Free of harmful substances - phlalate free and Oeko-Tex certified (Rug Master brand).


STEP 1 - Floor should be vacuumed, clean and dry before application.

STEP 2 - If needed, cut to size with household scissors or a utility knife.

STEP 3 - Position rug underlay on the floor where you intend to place the rug.

STEP 4 - Use as many pieces as required to cover the size of your rug.

STEP 5 - Roll or lift the rug onto the underlay, working out any lumps.