Rug Size

& Placement

Choosing your Floor Rug

It is important to consider size and placement when choosing a floor rug. The rug should comfortably contain and complement the size of the furniture in the space. Choosing the wrong size can be the difference between pulling the space together, or not. Bigger is generally better in the world of rugs, as using a rug too small can throw a room off-balance.

TOP TIP: If you're having difficulty imagining how a certain size will fit in your space, we suggest using masking tape to outline it for a visual representation.

Dining Room

We recommend flatweave, closely-woven rugs for this area. These are a great choice as they are durable, easier to clean, and less likely to catch.

Your floor should extend at least 60cm beyond all sides of your table, so when chairs are pushed back, they stay on the floor rug (this helps avoid chair legs catching on the seam and becoming a trip hazard and damaging your rug over time). 

Choose a rug based on the shape of your table.         

Consider an outdoor rug for durability and ease of cleaning.

Living Room

Consider size. Your floor rug should comfortably contain and complement the size of the furniture in the space. Using a rug too small can throw a room off-balance.

When furniture is against a wall, aim to have the front legs of all furniture on the floor rug. This is also relates to any additional floating furniture, so a sense of balance and connection is maintained between pieces.

For large rooms or open plan living, a floor rug should be big enough so that the furniture fits completely on top without feeling cramped. Try to keep 20cm visible around the back of the couch and chairs.

The correct sized floor rug will help zone an area, whether it is an oversized rug in an open plan living area, or a smaller style for a reading nook.

Consider a round rug to define and create interest in a space.


Consider the size of the room and the bed when choosing your rug. Your floor rug should extend at least 50cm around the bed for a cosy look and soft underfoot feel when emerging from, or retreating to bed. Keep in mind the floor rug size in relation to the bed, as a rug too small will throw the room off-balance.

The bedroom is generally a low-traffic area, which allows for almost any rug style to be used. As a private space, unique pattern, colour & texture are encouraged.

Try adding a round rug beside your bed or placing it to the corner of one end for a distinctive look.

Using runners to the side of your bed can also be considered.