Designed in New Zealand

Our collections are New Zealand designed, encapsulating our desire for refined, understated style.



Drawing inspiration from natural materials and nature, we take a thoughtful and deliberate approach to design. Our pared-back, minimal aesthetic instils a sense of restfulness, while textures and materials used bring an overall sense of quality.

Contemporary not trend-chasing, Refined not elitist, Understated not boring



With an eye for detail and a passion for natural fibres, our design team works tirelessly to create meaningful pieces that bring enduring style to interior spaces.

With years of industry experience between us, we look to embrace a less-but-better approach to design, with a focus on high-quality, purposeful pieces.

“Drawing inspiration from the natural environment, our designs look to instil the essence of nature into your home”

  • Hannah Middleton -


the Story

Each season we develop key themes - each with their own design narrative. Combining the use of colour, texture, and thoughtful surface design, we nurture and bring these stories to life.


with Purpose

Guided by an appreciation of aesthetics and craft, our designs come to life with carefully selected fibres and the the help of skilled artisan makers.

At Home

We are continually captivated by the transformative power of even the most subtle design changes, which have the ability to invigorate and rejuvenate a space. With a diverse range of styles, tones, and textures, we hope our collections inspire you to craft a unique environment that is authentically you.