Artisan Makers

Handcrafted with Purpose

Many of our products are handmade by artisans who dye yarns, weave, and add finishing touches by hand. Featuring natural fibres and distinctive finishes, they reflect our passion for the handmade.

“It’s exciting to see how my hard work has turned out, it’s unmeasurable.”

Munna -

  • Master weaver of over 30 years, when seeing his rugs come off the loom.



The knowledge of our craftspeople is often handed down through generations, using traditional techniques that have stood the test of time.

These individuals know their craft intimately, from picking the finest yarns and fibres to hand-tufting beautifully intricate designs.

This handcrafted production method means that time and skill are embedded in every fibre of the finished product.

The Beauty

of Handmade

Here at Baya, we value the unique beauty and feel of these products, and attract like-minded individuals who share the same appreciation. We believe each piece tells a story  and can serve as a source of inspiration to enhance a space.

The nuances of handmade pieces

Although we strive for consistency in our products, the complex nature of handmade processes may reveal minor variations in colour, pattern, texture, and size. These are to be expected and are normal marks of craftsmanship. We feel they create beautiful and unique products, and we hope you enjoy them.