Annual 2024

Collection Showcase

Each home has a story. Tell yours with this latest seasonal collection from Baya.

Elevate ordinary spaces into extraordinary living experiences.

Embracing nature as our muse

Embracing the natural environment as our muse, we bring you a transformative collection that pays homage to geological forms and the beauty of New Zealand’s ancient forests and coastlines.

  • Throughout the collection, you'll discover abstract interpretations of nature, carefully translated into key interior pieces.

We've enjoyed curating this
collection and hope you'll enjoy incorporating these pieces into your home.

  • David & Hannah

Immerse yourself in a world of timeless design and craftsmanship

Say hello to Form

Elevate interior settings with the gracefully curved Form floor rug. A subtle homage to sandstone formations, the unique shape creates an elegant and captivating focal point.

Discover new​ season colour

Explore an exquisite palette anchored in earthy pigments, soft neutrals, and hints of rich, saturated tones.

Refresh your space

Be inspired by stunning new cushion designs that effortlessly transform and revitalise your living spaces.

Invite the Shoreline into your home

An ode to coastal walks, the Shoreline rug echoes the rhythmic patterns carved into the sand. Handtufted from 100% wool, the warm sandy tone embodies understated luxury.

Celebrating New Zealand wool & design

Sink into the comfort of this locally woven, luxuriously soft throw. Crafted from 100% wool, the generous size and contemporary plaid design makes this a timeless piece to be treasured for years to come.

Discover new interior inspiration