the Uluru

Our much-loved Uluru floor rug fuses craftsmanship and style to create a stunning feature for interior spaces. Journey with us from New Zealand to India to take a closer look at the design and making of this piece.



Our design teams initial concept originated with the awe-inspiring sandstone rock formations found in
Uluru National Park, nestled in the heart of the Central Australian desert.

From here the concept evolved to include subtle shades of ivory, sage, ash, and ochre, mirroring geological strata, and giving a sense of movement to the design.

Made by Artisans

This distinctive rug is carefully handcrafted in India by artisan rugmakers. These individuals know their craft intimately, drawing on knowledge often handed down through generations and using traditional techniques that have stood the test of time. This handcrafted production method means that time and skill are embedded in every fibre of the finished product.


The initial preparation includes washing and dyeing the yarn to the colours specified by design team.

The design of the floor rug is traced onto a heavy fabric backing. This backing is then firmly stretched onto a frame, serving as a guide for the rugmaker to follow.


the Design

The intricate design of the Uluru is tufted from a blend of wool and viscose fibres. The tufting gun inserts yarn the backing fabric, ‘shooting’ the fibres through at speed. This produces a dense pile as the threads emerge onto the front side of the cloth (resulting in a plush and luxurious underfoot feel).

Following the design, the rugmaker uses the various strands of coloured yarn to construct the rug. The high degree of hand-worked processes means each piece can take days to complete.



Once the tufting is complete, the floor rug goes through a process of adding a latex and cotton backing to secure and stabilise the rug construction.

The the fibres protruding from the front area are shorn to create an even length pile.

Finally, the floor rug is finished by securing the edges, carefully clipping any remaining yarns and making a final inspection.

Inspired by geological layering, the Uluru makes a stunning focal point to style into a space.

In Use

A favourite with designers, tones are easily paired with complementary accents to create a cohesive visual story.

Project by Helen Sheppard Design.

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Statement Piece

The Uluru is ideal for most interiors thanks to the dense pile and beautiful tones of ivory, sage, ash and ochre.