How to mend

a pop-up

Keep you floor rug looking great with these quick and easy mending tips.

The issue of pop-ups

Due to the handwoven nature of our floor rugs, you may occasionally observe loops or yarn ends popping up, especially after vacuuming. These pop-ups can occur with any type of handwoven rug whether it is wool, jute, or any other type of fibre. They are a natural part of maintaining a woven rug and can be quickly and easily mended.

What is a


Pop-ups occur when fibre ends or loops, wriggle out and appear above the natural pile height of a floor rug.

Pop-ups are a common occurrence with woven designs not considered a fault. They are simply part of the general maintenance of a woven floor rug.

The origins of

a pop-up

It is useful to understand the construction of a floor rug. Our rugs are expertly woven by master weavers using traditional methods. This involves using long lengths of yarn, all which must end at some point. Pop-ups occur where the weaver has come to the end of a length of yarn and woven in another.

In this image we can see the end lengths of fibre at the back of the rug. Occasionally these ends will wriggle out and appear on the front side.

Method 1


Trimming is one of the finishing steps in the quality control of handmade floor rugs.

The same technique can be used for general maintenance. Simply trim the loose end at the height of the pile.

Trimming will not affect the quality or durability of the rug.

Method 2

Working from the back

This technique can be used for loose ends or loops which have become loose. You will need a crochet hook or blunt instrument to use as a tool.

For rugs with no backing:

  • - Push the crochet hook through from the back.
  • - Take the loop or fibre end and twist the fibre around the crochet hook.
  • - Gently pull the fibre or loop through to the back, behind the visible pile.
  • - For extra peace of mind, apply a small dab of fabric glue to the end of the yarn to secure the fibres into position.

Method 3

Working from the front

If rug has backing fabric applied, approach it from the front. Use a blunt tool to gently push the loop or fibre-end back into the pile. Consider applying a small amount of fabric glue to the yarn's end to secure the fibre in position. Apply light pressure and allow the glue to dry.