The Art of

Layered Living Spaces

Seasonal Shifts | Australian retail and design studio Kira & Kira styles Baya.

Kira & Kira styles for EST Living

We recently partnered with the renowned Australian retail and design studio Kira & Kira to style an exclusive feature for Est Living. Celebrating our shared passion for innovative design and quality craftsmanship, we invited Kira & Kira to curate key pieces from Baya to convey the concept of 'layered living spaces.' Their selection showcases how thoughtfully designed home furnishings can harmonise to create a 'seasonal transformation' using natural textiles. The collection was photographed at Kira House, the beautifully designed home of the studio's founders, Simone and Grason Kira.

Colour Choices

Head Interior Designer, Cyndi O’Brien and Interior Stylist, Lulu Innes embraced rich warming tones of pecan and cocoa to elevate the overall ambiance. Their approach nurtured a sense of sanctuary in the home, using texture, colour, and pattern to create inviting, uniquely personal spaces.

As the weather shifts, so do the textures, colours, patterns, and materials that resonate with us.

“I loved the concept of this shoot, “the art of layered living spaces”. As a designer, layering different textures with patterns is what creates a unique impact in a space - it evokes interest. Baya’s range is so perfect for this concept”

Cyndi O’Brien - Kira & Kira Head Interior Designer

"As we were shifting into the depths of the winter season, I wanted to use bold earthy tones in combination with textured neutrals to create a warm and cosy ambience throughout the house. Bold but inviting, like a punchy chai latte, spicy but so comforting”

Cyndi O’Brien - Kira & Kira Head Interior Designer

Understated Hero

With its finely ribbed construction in 100% wool, the Vermont's low-profile design created the perfect base for Simone and Grason's stunning kitchen-dining area.

“Using the Sandringham Rug in Forrest as the anchor in this space, we introduced depth through earthy hues of greens, caramels and creamy whites. To bring warmth and comfort, we layered the Cyprian cushions and Millhouse throw, creating a beautiful and calming space”

Lulu Innes - Kira & Kira Interior Stylist

"The Vermont Driftwood provided a perfect neutral base when paired with the travertine and oak -and its border detail elegantly frames the room. The Flaxmill Pecan cushion and cinnamon throw brought warmth to the space, with the Sahara cushion standing out as the hero on the sofa"

Lulu Innes - Kira & Kira Interior Stylist