Top Tips for

Summer Living

Create the perfect outdoor setting.

“Many outdoor pieces now match the look and quality of indoor options, so your exterior space can reflect your interior styling”

Hannah Middleton - Baya Product Development​

Create an outdoor


Extra space needed?  Make the most of your outdoors. As warmer months approach, we can look to our outdoor spaces becoming an extension of our interiors. An outdoor ‘room’ can be created in any sized garden or deck, allowing you to bask in the summer warmth, and soak up all that this time of year has to offer.

Transform your space into the perfect setting for family gatherings & stylish entertaining.

Start your transformation by considering your areas of use... is a dining space needed? Or a lounge area? If space allows, have both!



Floor rugs are great for dividing a space into different zones, making your space feel considered & deliberate. 

Use a large floor rug to define your outdoor lounge area, or a smaller round rug for a quiet space to retreat. 

Be Bold

Outdoor rugs provide a perfect foundation, and are great for adding interest to a space with texture, colour, and pattern. Used as a focal point, they can quickly transform a space, helping define the vibe for your outdoor area. 



Time to accessorise!​

No outdoor area would be complete without plants. Create an urban sanctuary with a selection of potted plants.​

Finally… dress to impress with cushions, throws and outdoor accessories.   


outdoor texture