What to consider when

buying a Floor Rug

5 things you need to know.

Find your perfect floor rug

Finding a new floor rug can be a daunting and sometimes challenging​ task. With so many different styles available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect rug that fits your personal taste, décor and maintenance needs.

Explore your needs with these five key topics.


Size is important when choosing a rug and can be the difference between pulling the space together, or not. Bigger is generally better in the world of rugs, as using a rug too small can throw a room off balance. ​

A floor rug should comfortably contain and complement the size of the furniture in the space. ​

We recommend that you measure the area with a tape measure or masking tape for a visual effect of how the rug will sit. 

Belverde Floor Rug


Choose the rug first… or last, depending where you are with styling your room. Does the space need colour or texture added? You can either choose a statement rug and build your scheme around this, or choose a rug that works with the furniture and colour palette you already have.​

Remember to explore shape options such as round floor rugs when on your discovery journey. ​

Uluru Round Rug
Mt Somers Floor Rug


Different rugs suit certain environments and depending on room, foot traffic and other factors such as children or pets.

It is important to understand that handmade products are not suited to all types of environments. For example, a generous loop pile rug may be tempting to tug at for children and pets, while a viscose rug is unsuitable for dining areas (due to its staining susceptibility). Ask yourself…

  • - Is it primarily decorative?
  • - Does it need to be easy to clean?
  • - Or is for practical purposes such as comfort?

Fibre &


Rugs can be made from a variety of fibres, including wool, cotton, silks, jute, and synthetics. It is useful to consider the durability, texture, and feel of the material, as well as its maintenance requirements.​

Some fibres and weave types may require special cleaning methods and environments, while others may be more durable and easier to maintain.​

It is worth considering where the rug will be placed. Australasian sunlight is particularly strong and can degrade fibres and cause discolouration. Dyed and printed products made from natural fibres are susceptible to fading in high UV areas. We recommend light toned rugs made from undyed fibres in these areas.

Cape Brett Round Rug
Mackenzie Floor Rug

Top Tip:

Don't forget the flooring

When selecting a rug, it's important to take into account the flooring type and colour. You should consider what complements the design and tone of the flooring.