Keep your floor rug

looking great

Discover our golden rules for preserving the life and beauty of your handmade floor rug.

Maintaining your handmade floor rug

The majority of our floor rugs are skillfully woven by master artisans in India. It is important to understand these handcrafted pieces may need a degree of care and maintenance.


Due to the handwoven nature of our floor rugs, you may notice that loops or ends of yarns pop up occasionally. With handwoven rugs, this is where the weaver has come to the end of a length of yarn and woven in another. Pop-ups happen when these fibre ends or loops, wriggle out and appear above the natural pile height of a floor rug.

Pop-ups are a common occurrence with woven designs not considered a fault. They are simply part of the general maintenance of a woven floor rug.


to Rotate

Regular foot traffic or sunlight may fade or wear certain rug areas. Ongoing foot traffic will affect rugs with higher piles or a loop design by continually crushing the same areas of the floor rug. Ensure to rotate your rugs every half a year to ensure even wear.

Avoid Strong


Australasian sunlight is particularly strong and can degrade fibres and cause discolouration. Dyed and printed products made from natural fibres are susceptible to fading in high UV areas, so avoid placing these products in areas exposed to sunlight to ensure longevity.

Many of our outdoor products now match the look and feel of interior pieces, while also delivering outstanding performance in areas with high UV exposure. We recommend using outdoor products or a neutral toned rug in sunbathed areas.

Take care

when Vacuuming

To preserve the beauty of your rug, avoid using a turbo or brush head attachment on your vacuum cleaner. These attachments can lead to undesirable effects such as matting, fluffing, and overall damage (as shown).

Instead, we advise a more gentle approach to cleaning. We recommend vacuuming gently with low level suction along the grain of the pile. Alternatively, you can shake the rug outdoors to remove dust and help restore the pile to its original condition.



Loose fibres occur with most new floor rugs, particularly with products made from natural fibres. Shedding is a normal, inevitable occurrence and is caused by some outside fibres or yarn bundles becoming detached during early wear stages.

The good news is that pilling, and fluffing isn’t a ‘forever’ thing and should settle down over time. Gentle vacuuming with low-level suction will hasten the removal of any loose fibres (take care not to over-agitate). Trim stubborn areas, or use a de-pilling comb for tufted rugs.

Use a Rug


Using an underlay supports the structure and prolongs the life of your floor rug. It also prevents the rug slipping, creeping or becoming misshapen.

Protect your

Floor rug

Microseal is a one-time treatment that can be used on your current or new rug. It is non-toxic and provides long-term protection against sun, stains and general wear.

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